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Our goal is to make sure every one of our clients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our clients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

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Suzanne B

Thank you Tasos and Tricia for your expert help kindness and welcoming every time I come for an appointment. I cannot say enough about Oshawa,Hearing Aid Clinic. I would highly recommend this clinic!!

Anna G.

I’ve left reviews over the years and it’s time for another because I absolutely cannot say enough about how incredible Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic is and how grateful I am for all they do!! I have always had a very positive experience with every appointment here. The owner Tasos is an absolute gem who always goes ABOVE and BEYOND with his service. Extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and he takes the time to make sure you’re content, never rushing you out the door. Being hard of hearing is enough of a challenge and provokes a lot of anxiety in me but I always leave appointment relieved and over the moon content with the best service. Tasos saved the day again!!!

The office ladies are exceptional and so friendly as well. I highly recommend this business for their honesty, integrity and superior customer service and the rewards they receive every year are a reflection of that.

A very happy customer THANK YOU!!!


Simply an outstanding hearing clinic. Tasos and his professional staff go above and beyond in customer service. Thank you.

Al & Shirley

We would like to thank Tasos, Tricia and Maria for their excellent service. They are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. "We can’t say enough good things about Tasos and the great care he gave us. We would definitely recommend Tasos and the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic to our family, friends and anyone having hearing difficulties."


The quality of after care service from Tasos and his team is Outstanding! I highly recommend you consider Oshawa Hearing when you are looking for a hearing aid provider!


"We are committed on providing our clients with an unmatched level of professionalism and service in hearing health care."

Over the many, many years of care I have received at the Oshawa Hearing Aid clinic I feel without doubt that the above quote from their web page is spot on, no exaggeration. The professional care received from clinician Tasos and his staff always leaves me feeling warm and comfortable and well served. This level of service and care is sadly lacking in todays environment. So, many, many thanks to you all. We had a very recent experience on setting up a new TV with the required hearing adapter which the clinic happily provided along with knowledgeable instruction for its installation. They knew exactly what we needed and what was required. How about that!

Fred C

Tasos is the best! I initially went to another company. I received my hearing aids, with little analysis beforehand, insufficient advice afterwards, and only fair service!
I asked around, and four of my friends had gone to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic, which they referred me to.

When I made my appointment with Trisha, and met with Tasos, the difference was like night and day! I received a thorough examination beforehand, time, in picking the best hearing aids for my situation, the bonus of trying them for weeks with no payment up front, so if anything came up or I needed help he was there to address any concerns with excellent service before, during, afterwards, and I'm sure ad infinitum!

I came back to his office, purchased the hearing aids, which by the way are absolutely fantastic, and can now live my life as a hearing person again, enjoying every delicate sound, including the sounds of my four guitars, music that is streamed, radio, TV and all media, like discovering a rare gem for the first time, as a child would be filled with joy in experiencing something new!

To say I am pleased and satisfied are understatements. I am ecstatic & excited! Thanks Tasos!

Fred C
Oshawa, ON

Bethany B.


I just want to express my appreciation to this clinic for all that they do above and beyond the job.

I got from them ear plugs from OHAC (Oshawa hearing aid clinic) earlier this year. I was able to pick their colour so of course I got purple ear plugs. I wear them when I play billiards because tournaments with over 50 teams of 8 players each is a loud environment and with my brain injury I have sensitive hearing.

I got them in good time and was shown how to put them in and given a method to keep them clean and functional.

The best part, some months later on my day of birth I was sent a birthday card from OHAC with a lottery ticket. I didn’t win but just the thought and time this business took to do that for me was greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time to read this,

Bethany B.


Upon arriving at Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic for my consultation
I was immediately impressed by the genuinely warm welcome from the receptionist Tricia, the fact that I was ushered in to meet Tasos on time and that all of my concerns regarding my hearing loss and hearing aids were addressed in a professional manner. Tasos listens. He responds well to each question and demonstrates a very impressive breadth of knowledge regarding hearing loss and hearing aids. He provided me with reassurance and advice. There was absolutely no pressure to sell me anything, only to make sure that I was well informed so that I could make educated choices and decisions. I was left with the impression that both Tricia and Tasos were there to serve their clients and they did not disappoint. Losing a vital sense such as your hearing is a difficult challenge and here at their clinic I received the support and concern that gave me confidence as I face this new way of having to address the world. Compassion, Professionalism , Knowledge and genuine support can be found at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic and I do not hesitate to recommend visiting Tricia and Tasos . They are there to help you. I will be a loyal customer in the years to come.


Going for our first time getting out hearing checked Tasos Kapernekas was very professional and explained and took his time making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend Oshawa hearing aid clinic be the best choice to have all your hearing needs be addressed.


I am so impressed with the level of amazing knowledge and care for his patients. The whole office is such a joy and honestly breath of fresh air.


I have received service for my hearing since 1997. The service has always been very professional and personal care, with special attention to your needs and follow-up. Tasos will make sure you are satisfied. Thank You, Tasos and your co-workers. I have recommended OHAC to many friends and they are all satisfied.


Tasos with Trish behind the desk are a pleasure to deal with. What refreshing difference it is at this owner operator clinic compared with the chain stores. Truly a professional, the hearing test performed by Tasos was the most thorough and informative session I have ever had. What a difference to have someone actually care about your well-being and not just pushing product out the door. The pricing for my new hearing aids was more than competitive and I look forward to being a client for years to come. I highly recommend Tasos at the Oshawa Hearing Clinic to my friends family and you.


I would highly recommend Tasos and the Hearing Aid Clinic. Extremely professional and the care and kindness I receive each visit is remarkable.

Terry L.

Tasos is the best! He is extremely knowledgeable and
very professional and courteous. He has looked after my mom’s hearing aid requirements for several years now and he provides excellent after sales support. We highly recommend him.


Well I have to say Tasos and Trisha are totally amazing my mother and I went back to pick up my mother's hearing aids, and it happened to be her birthday and to our surprise they had flowers and cupcakes for my mother they totally made my Mother's Day so thoughtful she got her hearing aids Tasos is amazing takes his time to go through steps from inserting the hearing aid to inserting batteries so if you are looking for a place to go I would highly recommend you check them out very professional and thoughtful.

Thanks for treating my mother and making her feel special.

Kim B.

I cannot thank Tasos enough for the outstanding service he provided! My 93 year older Grandma lives in Oshawa, 2 hours from me. I emailed the clinic to see if I could make an appointment next time I was in town to have my Grandma’s hearing aid serviced. They did something better…. Tasos picked up her hearing aid, on a Friday night…serviced it, cleaned it & adjusted the volume….and delivered it 2 hours later! I am blown away by the service provided. And because my Grandma was an old client (I didn’t know this actually-I emailed them because they had the best reviews) he didn’t charge her anything. I literally had tears in my eyes when my Grandma phoned to tell me. His kindness and patience shows outstanding character. I don’t personally need a hearing aid yet. But if I ever do, I’ll be driving the 2 hours to use this clinic.

Tom N.

Hands down the best place to go for hearing loss. Offers payment plan if you require hearing aids The after service is second to none. You will be more than satisfied with the customer service. Just give them a try.


No one in the hearing Aid business will treat you better than Tasos. I’ve sent my friends to him and they come back and always tell me great things about him. He’s the best.

Ken W.

I have been going to Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic for many years. It is the only place i will go for hearing aids the service and the staff are amazing, absolutely love Tasos he always has time for you no matter how big or small your problem is, he makes sure you are completely satisfied before letting you go.

I highly recommend Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic for all your hearing needs.

Lesley P.

Thank you Tasos for making my first hearing test more like a visit with a friend than an appointment with a clinician. Clearly he loves his job and ensuring the ease and comfort of his clients is evidently a very high priority. I will be happy to pay a return visit when necessary.


No one in the hearing aid business will treat you better than Tasos. I've sent my friends to him and they come back and always tell me great things about him. He's the best.

Bonnie C.

My husband Gary Challice, has had hearing problems for many years, I happened to look at an advertisement, we went over and they did a hearing test they said he needed hearing aids, next time we went over someone new, another hearing test, I think he ended up with 3 hearing tests, he was sure getting upset, finally got his hearing aids, was never satisfied. A good friend of ours happened to mention Tasos, Gary made an appointment, absolutely loved Tasos, found him caring and willing to work with Gary to find a solution to his hearing problems. I am happy to report that my husband is quite satisfied. If you have a hearing problem, we both would strongly recommend Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic. Thank you Tasso and Bonnie.


I brought my mother in, who was very skeptical. She left feeling very confident with her decision. Thanks Tasos and Bonnie for a easy transition.


I am so happy that I switched to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic. I have dealt with two other companies over the past 20 years and while they have good rankings as hearing loss companies this is the nicest company to deal with. They know of individual needs and do everything within their power to accommodate you. It was my birthday and they sent me a card. I have received b-day cards from companies I deal with before BUT how many include a lottery ticket? NONE have before but my business is obviously appreciated here so they did. It just blew me away. Thank you very much Tasos and Bonnie. You have a life long client in my for sure. A thousand thank you's.


We have experienced great service over many years. Polite, courteous and professional. Hearing aids and equipment have been excellent.

Peter C.

Just as important as the quality of the hearing aid is the quality of service that goes with it. Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic always goes above and beyond to provide exceptional, friendly service. I have and will continue to recommend the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic to all of my friends who have hearing problems. At other hearing aid franchises, I was not getting the personal assistance or hearing aid selection I needed. At Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic, I know that Tasos is aware of all of all of my hearing difficulties and concerns, and he will select and fit the best hearing instrument for me based on my past history and future needs.

Gordan M.

I could not be without my hearing aids. I can hear so many sounds I’ve never heard before. I can enjoy music, and my wife no longer has to repeat herself. I can enjoy music and the radio. I used to miss a lot in social settings, and now I don’t. The staff at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic always goes the extra mile for their clients. They are happy, courteous and always make me feel comfortable. Appointments are always right away, which is incredible. Tasos always takes care of everything and could not do more to satisfy my needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Garth H.

My hearing aids give me independence. I can enjoy going out and doing things like going to the movies and participating in community functions, and they allow me to communicate with my grandkids. I would recommend Tasos to anyone and everyone! The staff at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic is always ready to help, and they take their time; I’m never rushed, and I feel involved in my hearing care.

Elizabeth B.

My hearing has improved 100%. I can communicate with others again. The staff is genuine and welcoming, and I’m always greeted with a smile. Their kindness made me feel less nervous. Tasos came to my home when I was sick and could not walk. He addressed my hearing needs and helped me hear again. It impressed me so much that he would take the time to come and see me, and it was more than once. I just couldn’t believe it.

Duane B.

With my hearing aids, I am able to watch TV at a normal volume. Conversation is easier, and I’m very happy. I enjoy life more because I am no longer afraid to start conversations with people. The service is excellent! They understand what it means to have a hearing loss, and they helped me find a solution that meets my needs.

Dorothy S.

The environment is so welcoming, and the staff puts me at ease. I am never nervous; I always feel very comfortable here. The great service and friendly staff keep me coming back!

Dinah P.

I can hear things I’ve never heard before!

Dalton H.

My hearing aids allow me to feel more involved in everything. I have more confidence. I am lost without my hearing aids. The office is fast and efficient, the staff is very friendly, and the good service keeps me coming back.

Cecil W.

I have complete confidence at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic. Tasos is so helpful, caring, and knowledgeable, and he goes beyond the call of duty to help you in the most friendly and professional way. The customer service keeps me coming back.

Carrol L.

The service I receive at Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic is great, and I am fully supported with my hearing needs. I can contact the office by email, and my needs are always addressed when I come in. Tasos is very knowledgeable and friendly and there is never a doubt that he cares 100%. Since he deals with all hearing aid manufacturers, he listens to my needs and he gives me choices. He educates his clients and helps them to pick the best product for their hearing needs.

Carole K.

Tasos and Bonnie are always professional, accommodating, and very friendly, and I don’t feel pressure to purchase something at every visit. My hearing aid allows me to communicate and socialize, and it helps to keep me safe by enabling me to hear things like traffic sounds.

Brenda H.

Before coming to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic, I was referred somewhere else and was not happy. A friend encouraged me to see Tasos, and I’m glad I did. The staff at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic is very helpful and honest, the service is quick, and I am always taken care of. They always go above and beyond the call of duty. My hearing aids give me the confidence to be involved in conversations with people. They help me to hear better when I’m doing volunteer work in the community.

Bill K.

At the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic, you get immediate resolutions to your problems with no nonsense. The staff is professional and friendly, and I always receive great explanations and education about my devices. The prices are very competitive, but the technology and service are superior to anywhere else. My hearing aids have helped me immensely. I can’t do without them. I can socialize and interact with my family and community now.

Ben L.

I would recommend Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic to anyone who wants to be treated like a real person. The friendly staff at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic will do what it takes to ensure you get the help you need, and they make you feel like you are part of the hearing community. Having hearing aids has improved my life dramatically.

Andreas S.

I’ve been coming to Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic since 1998. The office is friendly, and the service is excellent — why would I want to go anywhere else?

Alfred S.

I like coming to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic because I feel comfortable and safe here. When I first came to the office, I was fearful about my hearing loss, but after speaking with Tasos, my fear went away. My hearing aids allow my wife and I to communicate better. It’s amazing the little things I can hear again, like birds and squeaky floors!

Alex M.

My husband’s hearing is quite bad. Now with his new hearing aids, he can join in the conversations and not feel left out like he did before. We come to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic because we always feel welcome, and we always get excellent service. We can tell that Tasos really loves his work.

Kenneth J.

I received a new set of rechargeable hearing aids from Tasos, and they have been excellent. They fit well and adjust in various situations. The rechargeable feature has eliminated the frustration of changing batteries, especially at inopportune times. As a senior with arthritic hands, it has been a great plus. The Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic provided excellent, very patient, and professional service.

Robert J.

My wife and I would recommend the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic to everyone with hearing problems. The service we received was the best. Everything was explained and made so clear and understandable. Tasos is so friendly, as is his secretary, Bonnie. We came away feeling very confident that we had gotten the very best attention and solution to our problems. We are very thankful for this clinic here in Oshawa.

John V.

I have been wearing hearing aids for many years. There are many hearing aid providers offering a range of popular and up-to-date models. However, my first hearing aid provider was disappointing in the lack of servicing the units. Then I got referred to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic and have been fitted with several models in subsequent years. In my experience, the service and care I received here is second to none, and, as far as I’m concerned, I will never go elsewhere.

Owen C.

I have been coming to see Tasos since he took over the business, as I have had hearing issues for quite some time. I always get a smile and friendly welcome from Bonnie. Tasos and Bonnie have always gone above and beyond to help me and make sure all my needs are met, and, to be honest, they are both amazing people who offer excellent service.

David C.

Tasos and his staff at the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic provide top-class service and products. They go out of their way to make your experience comfortable when getting fitted with hearing aids. I’ve been using hearing aids since 1980, and the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic is simply the best I have ever dealt with.

Marian N.

My mother has had the pleasure of working with Tasos in obtaining her last two hearing aids. I have to say, he goes above and beyond with his expertise on making sure she has exactly what she needs. He is kind, helpful, and is very knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic.

Jean W.

Very competent, professional care with all the latest equipment and technologies. Totally satisfied with my hearing aids that were recommended and the follow-up care. I have referred a friend that went to three other clinics with unsatisfactory results. She is now totally satisfied with Tasos’ care.

Willis B.

I have been getting my hearing aids form Tasos since he came to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic. He assessed my hearing problems in detail and has kept me up to date with hearing technology since. I drive 30 kms to have Tasos and his staff assist me, and I would not go anywhere else!

Virgina G.

Pleasant, reliable service with quick attention to solving any problems with your hearing aids. Tasos really listens to his clients and provides the best service.

Robert T.

I’ve been going to the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic for over 27 years. The service and people are top notch. Tasos and Bonnie, thank you.

Regina G.

Before I had my hearing aids, I was always asking my husband to talk louder or put the TV volume up. We used to have the volume at 100; now we have the volume at 42, and I can hear the TV perfectly. It took me a long time to decide to get hearing aids because the people I knew who had them were not satisfied. But one of my friends recommended the Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic, and I was not disappointed. Tasos was very helpful, not pushy; he explained everything to me very carefully, so I ordered them right away, and I’m very happy with my hearing aids.

Lilian C.

First-class customer service. Professional, courteous, patient, and through. Thank you, Tasos and Bonnie!

Lorna S.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Tasos for his extreme patience, understanding, and knowledge that he imparted re: my hearing needs. From start from to finish, he was extremely pleasant and very thorough in ensuring that I understood how to use and maintain my hearing aids. Both he and his office administrator, Bonnie, made my entire experience a complete joy. They treated me better than family! My life is enhanced now that I can hear well.