Hearing loss affects 1 in 8 of us.

That means we all likely know someone who is having trouble hearing.

To help individuals with hearing loss in our community, we joined up with hearing care professionals nationwide by donating a set of ReSound hearing aids.

Announcing the Winner of the Gift of Hearing:

Congratulations to our winner, Patricia!

Hearing Aids Donated by ReSound

Congratulations, Patricia! We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful time in your life marked by better hearing, improved relationships, and enhanced overall quality of life. We hope you’re looking forward to being better connected to those quiet moments with friends, boisterous times with family, and everything in between!

Are you a local senior who participated in the contest? If you are, and you’re not Patricia, there’s still hope! We will be holding this contest again next year, so please be sure to enter again, because next year’s lucky winner could be YOU! Feel free to spread the word, because everyone deserves a shot at better hearing!


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