Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic offers a wide range of hearing aid products and manufacturers to choose from

Our goal is the same to help you hear better. We believe in focusing on the true benefit hearing aids can make in your life, and that’s why we do things differently than our competitors in that we do not require a deposit or payment until you try the hearing aids and are completely satisfied. A handshake is all we need to get started.


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Try before you buy

At Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic we believe no deposit, no payment until you are satisfied. Learn about the benefits of each hearing aid style, and determine the best one that fit your needs.

AGXR IIC Hearing Aid

Our discreet invisible-in-canal hearing aid offers a secure fit and advanced noise-processing technology, making it ideal for life on the go.

AGXR RIE Hearing Aid

Reliable and convenient, the receiver-in-canal device has a lightweight feel and a flexible fit, and it is among our most popular systems.

AGXR BTE Hearing Aid

Our behind-the-ear technology puts you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

AGXR CIC Hearing Aid

Sleek and subtle, this completely-in-canal technology is molded to the contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

AGXR ITC Hearing Aid

With a discreet, glasses-friendly fit and external controls, our in-the-canal technology is the perfect piece to complement your lifestyle.

AGXR ITE Hearing Aid

Our in-the-ear hearing aids are custom molded for you and are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use.

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