You take a measured approach to life, mostly steering clear of overly crowded, noisy surroundings, but you still demand precision technology to connect you with all that you are passionate about.

AGX5s offers you the reliable technology you need to help you hear more clearly and enjoy conversations without straining to hear, and without asking people to repeat themselves.

Whether you’re gathered with your family or dining at your favorite local restaurant, you’ll be able to hear the voices that matter most to you more clearly and with less feedback than you’ve ever experienced with other devices. The AGX5 hearing aids are available in a wide variety of fitting styles, including invisible options. The technology can also be combined with a range of wireless accessories to help you receive an amplified signal from your TV, cell phone, or other media.

Make the most of your time with your friends and loved ones by enjoying the confidence of clear and comfortable communication. Make an appointment with our Hearing Specialists to discuss how the latest hearing technology can help you stay more engaged with your life and your relationships than you have been in years.